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Chick Next Door™ is what happens when an award-winning chef decides to go renegade and redefine chicken sliders for a whole new generation.

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We keep our mindset local, and our customer service game strong.


We’re told our food is “straight fire” – and not just because it’s spicy.


Chick Next Door™ is fast, easy, and delicious. What more could you want?

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Chick Next Door™ was born out of love in the neighborhood. Inspired by his own love story of serendipitously meeting his next door neighbor who ultimately became his wife and partner in hosting intimate dinner parties, our founder & chef Steven Velichnian always dreamed of creating a place for friends, families, and neighbors to gather, enjoy good food, and always have a seat at the table.

What started as a stint at Sunday Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues on the iconic Sunset Strip in 2007, Steven’s insatiable fascination with making the best fried chicken for diners turned into a friendly back-of-house competition over family meal. Challenging the kitchen crew to test out various levels of heat and blends of spices, while experimenting with brines, tenderness and optimal crunch, the weekly tastings revealed an ultimate fan-favorite that lived on the staff menu throughout his tenure. While the House of Blues eventually closed its doors, the memories, recipes and fundamental flavor profiles of what set Steven’s fried chicken apart lingered throughout his ensuing LA projects – until the opportunity to open a restaurant dedicated to hot chicken finally knocked on his door.

Founded in 2020, Chick Next Door™ moved into Steven’s hometown neighborhood of Glendale, CA, paying homage to his childhood and early teens, always intrigued by the kitchens, dishes and stories of local mom & pop shops run by families and generations beyond. Enlisting his own family and friends in previewing and taste testing his forthcoming menu, he soon realized it wasn’t only about the food. It was about the experience – the generations gathered at one table, the girl next door laughing contagiously, the endorsements echoing from the dining room into the kitchen, the synchronized efforts of the kitchen crew, the “yes chef!” and the “more sauce!”

Chick Next Door™ is more than a destination for comfort food, or an indulgence – it’s a humble celebration of community, family and friendship. Our doors are open, come in!

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Want To Meet Our Chicken Virtuosos?

Chef Steven Velichnian

Learn how Chick Next Door™ Chef Steven Velichnian went from shadowing his uncle to working in high-end restaurants to laying down the foundation for his own venture.

All roads lead to Chick Next Door™.

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